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------ love led zeppelin ------
sometimes I start to reblog
led zeppelin nonstop

♥ ASoIaF ♥

I'll always reblog Vincent

>> psychodelic <<

once in a while,
I make my own gifs


p.s.: this is not a pale blog,
although sometimes it looks like one

ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

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my favourite line


my favourite line

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Plus I: I can’t understard what made you believe that Stannis would be on the wall in this episode. Plus II: Just wondering if the season finale is going to be taken by lady stoneheart or lord tywin… or none :(

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But if you think about it - at least now Oberyn gets to see Elia


ow no, please…

I’ve got a feeling that we must not start to love Sansa too much, if you know what i mean…


*patiently waiting on all the Oberyn/Tyrion gifsets*

that’s right…

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